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BeMusic allows you to create your own music streaming website in minutes with no coding knowledge. It has an impressive feature set that rivals and even surpasses other biggest streaming services on the market.

Admin Account/Area
You can see a demo of admin area by logging in with username: and password: admin, note that destructive actions like deleting and editing are disabled on demo site and admin account will be reset every hour (playlists, songs, avatar etc will be detached or reset to default).Features
  • Easy Installation – Install BeMusic easily with no coding or server knowledge in a few minutes with our easy to use installer and documentation
  • Appearence Editor – Powerful appearance editor will allow you to easily change the look of BeMusic without any coding knowledge.
  • Automated – BeMusic has access to millions of artists, songs and albums, all available automatically.
  • Use as a CMS – You can easily disable all automatic data fetching and create everything manually , turning BeMusic into fully functional music CMS.
  • User Libraries – Users can add songs, albums and artists to their library on BeMusic in addition to playlists.
  • Playlists – Users can create, share and follow playlists.
  • Player – Fully-featured player including shuffle, repeat, lyrics, queue and more.
  • Artist and Album Pages – Automatically generated pages for millions of artists and albums have full discography, similar artists, advanced radio, biograhpy, images, genres and more.
  • Single Page – BeMusic is a single page (ajax based) application, which means it has no browser page refreshes when navigating trough the application.
  • Translatable – BeMusic is fully translation ready. You can translate it easily from admin area so there is no need to mess with config files or 3rd party applications.
  • Responsive – BeMusic is fully responsive and will scale to the size of any device.
  • Documentation – In depth documentation that explains everything from installation to all the features.
  • User System – Fully featured users system with social login(facebook, twitter and google), normal login, registration, password recovery, profiles, account settings and more.
  • Disable Registration – Registration can be fully disabled from admin panel so only users you create manually from admin panel will be able to login.
  • Force Login – You can force users to login before they can access any of BeMusic features.
  • Ads – 6 integrated ad spots. All you need to do is paste your ad codes in admin area and BeMusic will do the rest.
  • Professional Design – Impress your users with a pixel-perfect professional design.
  • Settings- Admin area is loaded with settings that allow you to customize the site to your needs.
  • Analytics – Google analytics are integrated right into admin area so you don’t need to open a separate page to see how your site is doing.
  • Multiple Homepages – Choose between multiple homepages including landing page, login page or your own custom html page.
  • Context Menu – Fully integrated context menu (right click on song, artist, album or playlist) is available with many actions. This menu can be accessed by clicking ellipses button on touch based devices.
  • Search – Powerful search that will find nearly any song, artist or album.
  • PHP >= 5.6
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO Extension (enabled by default)
  • php_fileinfo Extension (enabled by default)
  • MySQL, Postgres, SQLite or SQL Database Server.
Latest version 2.3.6 | Changelog

2019 March 03 - Version 2.3.6

New Features
  • Meta tags will now be visible on regular site, not just for crawlers and bots.
  • Added recaptcha support for "registration" and "contact us" pages.
  • Added new, easier to use installer.
  • Added icon selector for "admin > appearance > menus" page.
  • Added "Contact Us" page.
  • SEO editor now has a more powerful placeholder system which allows usage of all data that will be available for a particular resource.
  • Google "mobile friendly" tests should now fully pass.
  • Browser page title will now reflect title specified via "admin > appearance > seo" page.
  • Currently playing song name will now be shown as page title in browser.
  • Menu manager "route" type items now support query parameters.
  • External links added via menu manager will now open in new browser tab.
  • SEO editor will now use "textarea" to make editing easier.
  • Google analytics .p12 file can now be uploaded from settings page.
  • Settings page will now validate most newly entered settings.
Bug Fixes
  • Menu item reordering via drag and drop should now work properly in menu manager.
  • Current color will now be selected when color picker is opened in "admin > appearance > colors" page.
  • Tracks and videos longer then one hour will now properly show their duration.
  • Ad codes with single double quotes should now work properly.
  • Trying to create album without selecting artist will now properly show error message.
  • Icons on search page input will now be properly aligned on mobile.
  • Track page will now look properly on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue with "remastered" tracks not having lyrics sometimes.
2018 October 01 - Version 2.3.0
New Features
  • New "genres" page in admin area for managing all site genres.
  • New "popularity" and "image" fields for genres for easier management.
  • Artists, albums and tracks now have "auto update" field for preventing automatic update of specific items.
  • New files page in admin area for inspecting and deleting uploaded files.
  • Custom translation lines can now be added from "admin -> translations" page.
  • Auto focus search bar input on mobile when user navigates to search page.
  • Hide "filter" input fields from all pages on mobile.
  • Properly show album art when playing locally uploaded track.
  • Update page color and add loading indicator before player is loaded.
  • Local artists views are now shown in artists table in admin area.
  • Add pages created from admin area to sitemap.
  • Updated admin area design.
  • New 404 page design.
Bug Fixes
  • improve album and homepage seo meta tags.
  • allow to enter only year as album release date.
  • properly show lyrics that are not attached to any track.
  • fix an issue where tracks sometimes would not have "check" icon when added to "my music".
  • fix a few visual issues when adding and removing tracks to and from "my library".
  • prevent infinite redirect loops when homepage is set to login or register pages.
  • properly display responsive adsense ads.
  • use rgba colors in custom appearance editor theme for proper Edge and IE support.
  • Remove all user files when user is deleted from admin area.
  • Refresh users list in admin area after one of the users is updated.
2018 June 10 - Version 2.2.4
Bug Fixes
  • >Fixed some issues with default artist image paths.
  • Fixed an issue with appearance editor theme sometimes not being applied.
  • Don't show download button in context menu for non-local tracks.
  • Added some missing translations.
2018 June 05 - Version 2.2.3
>Bug Fixes
  • fixed an issue with lyrics dialog not working properly if track has no album.
  • hide private playlists from user profile page.
  • properly redirect user to specified homepage after login/register.
  • fixed some issues with sitemap generator.
  • fixed some issues that occurred on mobile in account settings page.
  • properly show custom uploaded video, instead of album image.
  • added download local track button to track context menu.
2018 June 01 - Version 2.2.2
Bug Fixes
  • fixed some issues on analytics page.
  • fixed adding custom page via menu manager.
  • custom pages will not properly display within player interface.
  • fixed several issues with translations.
  • fixed an issue with registration sometimes not working properly.
  • top 50, popular genres, albums and new releases should now be selectable as homepage again.
  • search bar in sidebar should no longer show default browser autocomplete.
2018 May 30 - Version 2.2.1
Bug Fixes
  • fixed some installation issues introduced with last update.
2018 May 30 - Version 2.2.0
New Features
  • added download functionality for custom uploaded tracks.
  • translations will now be stored on filesystem instead of database.
  • custom js and css will now be stored on filesystem instead of database.
  • tracks and albums can now be added directly from their respective pages in admin area.
  • tables in admin area can now be sorted by clicking on table header columns.
  • local artists views are now shown in artists table in admin area.
  • added close button to lyrics modal.
  • updated design and functionality of overlays, notifications, tooltips and dropdowns.
  • added upload progress bar when uploading custom tracks from admin area.
  • track duration will now be autofilled when enter any remote url.
  • added separate seo tags for homepage.
  • crawlers will now properly see similar artists on artist page.
  • sort method can now be toggled between External popularity (eg spotify) or local views/plays.
>Bug Fixes
  • fixed several issues with album and homepage seo meta tags.
  • allow to enter only year as album release date.
  • properly show lyrics that are not attached to any track.
  • fixed an issue where tracks sometimes would not have "check" icon when added to "my music".
  • fixed a few visual issues when adding and removing tracks on "my library".
  • last items in user library pages will now longer be partially cut off on mobile.
  • users without "playlists.view" permission can now longer view public playlists.
  • fixed some issues with formatting track duration to human readable string.
  • adding links to menu from menu manager will now work properly.
2018 March 10 - Version 2.1.9
Bug Fixes
  • fixed an issue where playlist tracks would not update sometimes without a page reload.
  • tracks added to queue will now properly appear after current track instead of before it.
  • fixed an issue with tracks sometimes not being removed from queue via context menu.
  • corrected some text that was not being translated properly across the site.
  • fixed an issue with soundcloud player not playing next song automatically.
  • prevent tracks with long names from pushing queue sidebar out of the view.
  • fixed issue with infinite redirect when setting homepage as login page.
  • properly save user selected repeat mode in local storage.
  • improve context menu positioning on small screens.
  • apply custom stylesheet to search slideout panel.
  • added a setting to redirect user to https automatically.
  • show local plays in tracks table in admin area.
2018 January 18 - Version 2.1.8
Bug Fixes
  • fixed an issue with validation error messages not being displayed sometimes.
  • shuffle button will now have proper color when shuffle is activated.
  • mix of locally uploaded songs and ones streamed from youtube in a queue will now play properly.
  • symlinks are no longer used by default.
  • search page will now display track artists and album in track table.
2017 December 26 - Version 2.1.7
Bug Fixes
  • fixed a display issue with shuffle button on full screen overlay.
  • fixed a typo in seo meta tags on playlist pages.
  • fixed an issue with image sometimes not uploading from custom page editor.
  • corrected volume bar display issues on some older mobile browsers.
  • fixed an issue with settings sometimes not persisting when saving from admin area.
  • fixed an issue where sometimes incorrect tracks were imported for album from spotify.
  • improved search for artists that have accented characters in their name.
  • added an option to confirm user's email when creating user from admin.
  • improved playlist modal appearance on mobile.
  • added support for more ad providers.
  • Homepage can now be changed from settings page.
2017 November 1 - Version 2.1.6
Bug Fixes
  • corrected reset password url in the email sent to user.
  • adding several missing permissions to users/groups pages in admin area.
  • corrected an issue where permissions could not be added to to user on some servers.
  • show lyrics for clicked song and not currently playing song via context menu.
  • corrected wikipedia language code setting in admin area -> settings page.
  • added proper seo tags to homepage
  • prevent radio page from overflowing if track or album has unusually long name.
  • added a few missing language lines to translations page.
  • fixed an issue where only one public playlist would appear in user's profile page.
  • allow genre names and other settings to contain all valid utf-8 characters.
  • highlight track name on mobile when that track is playing
  • fixed playlist track re-ordering via drag and drop on firefox.
  • fixed playback overlap when switching from youtube to custom uploaded track or vice versa.
  • properly set default volume from settings page to custom uploaded tracks.
  • added an option to disable automatic opening of video overlay on mobile in settings page.
  • improved validation errors display on mobile.
  • use POST request if DELETE or PUT requests are disabled on server.
  • use custom genres specified in settings page, even if genre provider is not set to "local"
  • usernames in followers and followed pages in user profile will now link to that user's profile page.
  • allow svg icons to be used in page editor.
  • added generated sitemap index url in settings page.
2017 October 23 - Version 2.1.5
Bug Fixes
  • corrected issues with sharing and crawling of artist and playlist pages.
  • redirect to login page, if not logged in user tries to follow a playlist.
  • some corrections to theme generated via appearance editor.
  • fixed an issue where making playlist "public" would not work sometimes.
  • fixed filter input in genre pages.
  • fixed some visual issues with player seekbar on older mobile browsers.
  • track duration and number will now be auto-populated when uploading custom music files.
  • added "show lyrics" button to track context menu.
  • Iframes and other html are now allowed in custom pages.
  • updated available routes in menu manager page.
  • added track radio button to context menus inside playlist pages.
2017 October 16 - Version 2.1.4
Bug Fixes
  • fixed an issue with password changing from account settings page.
  • fixed an issue with mail templates not being populated during installation sometimes.
  • sitemaps will now be stored in publicly accessible folder.
  • added support for cloudflare ssl and other proxies.
  • menu items can now be reordered via drag and drop in menu manager.
2017 October 14 - Version 2.1.3
Bug Fixes
  • show API key field in settings page, when is set as provider.
  • hide social login icons from login, register and accoutnt setting page, if they are disabled.
  • fix issues with custom track creation from admin area.
  • fix google analytics tracking.
  • added wikipedia language option (for artist biography) in settings page.
  • made mobile menu editable via menu manager in appearance editor page.
  • added logout button in account settings page on mobile.
  • styles of login, register and other auth pages are now editable via appearance editor.
  • show a notification when user attempts to play album that has no tracks.
  • removed uploaded track file size limit.
2017 October 13 - Version 2.1.2
Bug Fixes
  • several improvements to update process.
  • fixed new user creation from admin area.
  • fixed issues with artist creating/updating from admin area that occurred on some servers.
  • fixed an issue where logo and favicon uploaded via appearance editor were only visible to admin.
  • fixed some issues with adsense ads.
2017 October 12 - Version 2.1.0
Bug Fixes
  • prevent seekbar and volume bar handle from being dragged outside seekbar bounds.
  • set default volume defined in settings page to youtube player.
  • don't load youtube player unless there's actually a track cued.
  • update user library pages instantly after adding new track.
  • fix "add to queue" issue in artist context menu.
  • close search panel when navigating to different page or clicking outside it.
  • fixed custom uploaded music file streaming on mobile.
  • improved youtube search precision.
  • load more albums via infinite scroll in artist page.
  • load more items via infinte scroll in user library pages.
  • added keyboard shortcuts for playback controls, volume and tracks list.
  • added a list of tracks to artist radio.
  • fallback to other search matches if best search match can't be played.
  • allow to start playback by double clicking track in any track list.
  • allow selecting multiple tracks when pressing ctrl key and applying context menu actions to them.
  • keep aspect ratio for all grid images.
  • albums and tracks can now be created on the same page as artist.
  • images and music files can now be uploaded when creating new artist/album/track.
  • default to native scrollbar on chrome and mobile devices.
  • toggle https mode automatically, if ssl is setup properly.
  • added context menu for playlists.
  • compatibility with PHP 7.1+
  • upgraded to laravel 5.4
  • upgraded to angular 4.*
  • log 3rd party api errors to error log.
  • store currently active tab in url in artist and search pages.
  • added seo tags for search and user profile pages.
  • added live preview for mail templates editor.
  • completely reworked mobile design and functionality.
  • added new account settings page.
  • implemented permissions and groups.
  • users can now change their preferred interface language (if more then one available)
  • added menu manager in admin area -> appearance page.
  • made left sidebar menu items editable via menu manager.
  • added new, togglable full screen interface for desktop and mobile.
  • added track radio.
  • added lyrics management page in admin area.
  • added playlists management page in admin area.
  • views for artists, albums, playlists and plays for tracks will now be tracked.
  • added local providers for top tracks and top albums (based on local views/plays).
  • added a page for individual songs.
2017 May 30 - Version 2.0.7
  • Updated BeMusic to work with latest versions of 3rd party APIs.
2017 April 20 - Version 2.0.6
  • Track duration will now be automatically set when uploading a custom music track.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect album urls when editing an artist from admin area.
  • Fixed some grammar mistakes in english and original translation files.
  • Fixed an issue with facebook login sometimes not working.
  • Fixed an issue with existing artist page sometimes showing 404 error.
2017 January 10 - Version 2.0.5
  • Improved SEO and fixed a few issues with artist and album pages.
  • Added an option in settings page to disable curl certificate verification to solve some issues with third party APIs.
  • Mobile devices will now use default browser scrollbar for improved scrolling performance.
  • Fixed an issue with small video player starting in fullscreen sometimes on iOS.
  • Fixed an issue where artist images from spotify would be blurry sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue where albums with slash in their name would not work properly sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue where custom folders created in BeMusic directory were causing issues with settings page sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue where custom playlist image was not shown correctly when sharing playlist.
  • Fixed an issue with artist biography always being fetched in english even if other language was specified.
  • Fixed an issue with admin not being able to create users if email confirmation is enabled in settings page.
2016 September 30 - Version 2.0.4
  • Manually entered genres in admin area will now properly display on popular genres page.
  • SitemapGenerator will now properly generate https urls if ssl is enabled in settings page.
  • Reset password page will now work properly on https.
  • Genres with space in the name should now be crawled by google properly.
  • Lyrics functionality will now work properly again.
  • Fixed an issue with copy artist link button not working properly after page refresh.
  • Fixed an issue with admin area -> appearance page not rendering properly on some older browsers.
  • Fixed an issue with top tracks page not working properly on some more restrictive servers.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes play queue items would not have images.
  • Fixed an issue where part of play queue would not be visible on small screens.
  • Fixed an issue with album editing from admin area not working properly sometimes.
2016 July 29 - Version 2.0.3
  • Fixed an issue with custom uploaded video full-screen mode not being toggleable.
  • Video pop-up should now be properly toggleable on touch screens.
  • Fixed an issue with sitemap generating wrong urls for albums.
  • Fixed an issue with albums and artists sometimes not being editable in admin area.
  • Fixed some issues with SoundCloud provider.
2016 July 18 - Version 2.0.2
  • Fixed an installation issue introduced in last update.
  • Fixed some issues with artist/album sharing and SEO.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented updater from running if database prefix was used to install BeMusic.
2016 July 16 - Version 2.0.1
  • Improved documentation for migration from earlier versions and enabling 3rd party data providers.
  • Singles on artist page will now be displayed under full albums.
  • Moved artist radio functionality to different API.
  • Fixed some issues with albums that have multiple artists.
  • Fixed several issues that could sometimes cause 404 errors for existing pages.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when some artist pages were viewed by google crawler.
2016 April 01 - Version 1.9.1
  • Implemented a sitemap generator.
  • Custom image can now be uploaded for a playlist.
  • Description can now be added to a playlist.
  • Improved user profile information validation.
  • Improved wikipedia artist biography and images accuracy.
  • Improved SEO of genre, new releases, top 50, popular albums and popular genres pages.
  • Added a button to clear site cache in admin area -> settings page.
  • Ads will now change properly when user navigates through the site.
  • Track duration and name will now be filled in automatically when uploading a track file.
  • Fixed several issues with user email confirmation.
  • Fixed an issue with ads from some networks not showing properly.
  • Fixed an issue with image and mp3 file uploads not working on some servers.
  • Fixed an issue where autoplay would not work sometimes with shared track link.
  • Fixed an issue where maximum of 5 playlists would be shown in user profile.
  • Fixed an issue with artists that have slash in their name not working properly.
  • Fixed some issues with search that occurred with accented characters.
2016 March 22 - Version 1.9
  • You can now create and modify artists, albums and tracks from admin area.
  • You can now add a custom url to stream a track from.
  • You can now upload a song file to stream track from directly in admin area.
  • You can now disable all automatic fetching of artists, albums, songs etc and create everything manually.
  • Email confirmation can now be enabled from admin area -> settings page.
  • Artist biography and images can now be fetched from wikipedia as well as echonest API.
  • Artist biography can now be saved to database and shown in meta tags/to crawlers.
  • Video fullscreen mode can now be disabled by ESC key or clicking on video.
  • You can now set user playlists to be public by default from admin area.
  • Artist images in about tab should now load properly.
  • Fixed some issues with infinite scroll on genre page.
  • Fixed an issue with fullscreen mode triggering on player and close button click sometimes.
  • Several improvements to genres provider.
2016 March 11 - Version 1.8
  • Implemented a new fully automatic based genres page.
  • Fixed an issue where using double quotes in translations would result in error.
  • Fixed an issue where top 50 page was not working due to spotify API change.
  • Fixed an issue with albums sometimes having no tracks.
2016 March 04 - Version 1.7
  • Added SoundCloud player as an alternative to Youtube (can be changed in admin area).
  • Added full screen toggle button to video player (can be enabled in admin area).
  • Playlist tracks can now be re-ordered by dragging and dropping them in new position.
  • Default volume for player can now be set in admin area.
  • Youtubify should now work properly if PUT and DELETE requests are disabled on the server.
  • Added a way to block specific artists from the site.
  • Fixed an issue with artist details not being updatable from admin area.
  • Fixed an issue with copying track link from albums that belong to several artists.
  • Fixed some issues with email template editor in admin area.
  • Fixed several errors that occurred if 3rd party sites did not send back expected response.
2016 February 17 - Version 1.6
  • Implemented a new installer that will try to automatically correct a number of common server issues.
  • Genres on the homepage will now appear in order they were entered in admin area.
  • Youtubify will now work properly if HTTP referers restriction is set on google api key.
  • Corrected an issue with google analytics not showing current page name properly.
  • Corrected an issue with sharing album that has more then one artist.
  • Added canonical links to most of the pages to avoid duplicate page issues with crawlers.
  • Link copy functionality should now work properly on firefox.
  • Fixed an issue with tracks not being shareable from player queue panel.
  • Fixed an issue with user avatars not working sometimes if site is under a sub-domain.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting artists and albums from admin area.
2016 January 13 - Version 1.5
  • Improved lyrics display.
  • Playlists and users will now appear in the search results.
  • Search will now work properly with chinese, cyrillic and other accented characters.
  • Full user emails will no longer be shown even if user has not set any username.
  • Fixed an issue with translation page in admin area not working properly if locale other then 'en' is selected.
  • Fixed an issue where image would only be shown on second share button click when sharing artist, album or track via facebook.
  • Fixed an issue with volume bar not working on touch screens.
  • Fixed an issue with some artists that have slash in their name not playing properly.
2015 December 07 - Version 1.4
  • Page title will now correctly show currently playing song and artist.
  • Page changes will now be correctly logged on google analytics.
  • Fixed an issue where responsive ads from adsense were not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue where some albums would have duplicate tracks.
  • Fixed some issues that occurred when using https.
  • Fixed an issue where context menu add to playlist panel was not scrollable.
2015 November 26 - Version 1.3
  • Improved SEO for most pages.
  • Improved seeking precision when clicking on player progress bar.
  • Added an option for youtube region code in admin area (will fix issues with wrong songs sometimes being fetched from youtube)
  • Added an option to show a small youtube player in the bottom right corner by default.
  • Added an option to remove lyrics and video button from player bar.
  • Added an option to hide player queue panel by default.
  • Improved search, especially when using accented and other non letter characters.
  • Fixed an issue where users profile would show playlists that were not made public.
  • Fixed an issue where albums in new releases would sometimes have no songs.
  • Fixed an issue where adding albums to playlists from new releases and top albums pages would not work sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue with installation that occurred when trying to use database prefix.
2015 November 19 - Version 1.2
  • New releases and top 50 pages will now be updated automatically.
  • Login and register pages will now correctly show the logo uploaded from admin area.
  • Fixed some issues with translations manager in admin area.
  • Fixed several issues with 'copy link' context menu action.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the appearance editor.
  • Fixed an issue where ads were not displaying properly.
  • Fixed an issue where link sharing via email was not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue where user playlists and library was not showing properly without page refresh after login.
  • Fixed reset password page styling issues.
  • Fixed a couple rare errors that occurred when no track was loaded into player.
  • Fixed a rare issue where artist would have a duplicate genre.
2015 November 16 - Version 1.1
  • Song video can now be seen by clicking video button on the player bar.
  • Added some missing translation lines.
  • Notification will now be shown to user if for some reason song was not found on youtube or is restricted.
  • Fixed an issue with installation on some older or more strict mysql servers.
  • Fixed an issue with password reset sometimes not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue with volume bar not working sometimes.
  • Fixed a number of other various edge case issues.
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