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Swift Security Bundle v1.4.2.15 – Feature List

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Hide the fact that you are using WordPress by changing the default name of the directories and files, without having to modify your original structure (for example: wp-admin, wp-content). The magic happens on the fly.
Rename any file. (For example: You can rename the original readme.html without having to physically modify it.)
Change any string in the source code. This is useful when a plugin uses detailed CSS class names from which robots can determine that you are using WordPress .
Pre-configured firewall with security levels to filter the malicious attacks against your WordPress site.
IP/GEO Filter
Anti-Brute Force function
Comment Spam Blocker
Security logs
Email/Push notifications
CSS/JavaScript minifier
HTML Comment Remover
Code Scanner to find the vulnerabilities in your plugins and in your system. This feature comes with the possibility to schedule scans at different time intervals.
Import/Export settings
Automatic Troubleshooting
Custom Logout Page
Nginx Support
Multisite Support (apache only)
First release
Last update
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