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    Tutorial Multiple SPF Records: How to Merge Them (The EASY Way)

    v=spf1 ip4:615.108.204.579 ~all Do you need to fix multiple SPF records on your domain? SPF records are TXT type records starting with v=spf1. Multiple SPF records cause your emails to be rejected or filed as spam. In this article, we’ll explain...
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    Tutorial Postfix Basic Configuration

    There is a MySQL postfix database and all postfix config are generally in /etc/postfix. Most paths are stored in /etc/postfix/ # postfix config file # uncomment for debugging if needed #soft_bounce=yes # postfix main mail_owner = postfix setgid_group = postdrop delay_warning_time = 4...
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    Tutorial [WDR] Serious problem with PRO users [RESOLVED]

    Replace file here ./themes/INTERSTELLAR/layout/emails/ with this <?php $wo['emailNotification']['type_text'] = ''; if ($wo['emailNotification']['type'] == "reaction") { if( $wo['emailNotification']['text'] == "post" ){ $wo['emailNotification']['type_text'] .=...
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    Tutorial -0.001 SPF_HELO_NONE SPF: HELO does not publish an SPF Record

    Checking HELO/EHLO names is recommended by the SPF RFC. Publishing records for these hostnames is an important part of the SPF protocol. HELO/EHLO is used when Mail from is <> even if a receiver does not do 100% HELO checking. Publishing a HELO/EHLO rule involves creating an SPF record linked...
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    Tutorial View realtime list of connections to CWP service logs

    Postfix / Mail Centos tail -f /var/log/maillog Postfix / Mail Ubuntu tail -f logs to /var/log/mail.log
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    Getting to Know Bounce Back Email and How to Overcome It

    The bounce back level in an email indicates the overall condition of your database list. A high bounce rate indicates that your email list contains several invalid addresses. These addresses will never receive your email. More importantly, the high number of bounce back emails will affect the...
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