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    Tutorial WDR GOT

    <?php if ($wo['loggedin'] == false) { ?>
  2. DevOps

    Tutorial How to Redirect a Page with HTTP 301 in PHP

    HTTP 301 Redirect is an SEO friendly way to redirect readers to a page’s new location. There are a lot of benefits of using HTTP 301 Redirect. These benefits can be found in the htaccess method post. htaccess or PHP can be both used for sending 301 redirects. The htaccess method can be found in...
  3. skardus

    AGC MP3 Versi KPOP

  4. DevOps

    Tutorial Difference between PHP-CGI and PHP-FPM

    Confused to use PHP-CGI or PHP-FPM for your websites on your web server? We will share some information about PHP-CGI and PHP-FPM in this article. When running PHP through the web server, there are two distinct options: running it using PHP’s CGI, or running it as a PHP-FPM, for the web server...
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