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    Tutorial [WEBUZO] how to install ioncube on centos 7

    Overview This guide will help you to install / upgrade ioncube loaders on your Webuzo server. Requirements Webuzo must be installed on the server. PHP must be installed on the server. Download And Extract Ioncube Loaders Download and Extract the ioncube loaders as per your Linux version and...
  2. DevOps

    Tutorial Webuzo 404 Error (Wordpress)

    Edit this nano /usr/local/apps/nginx/etc/conf.d/common Add this location / { try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?q=$request_uri; } Restart Nginx service nginx restart
  3. DevOps

    Tutorial Fix : Internal Server Error – Webuzo

    Execute the follow command from the terminal to fix the issues related to the permissions chown -R soft:soft /home/soft/public_html Note : Replace “soft” by your Webuzo Username and “/home/soft/public_html” with the path to your files. Restart Nginx service nginx restart
  4. DevOps

    Control Panel How to install Webuzo

    Overview Softaculous Webuzo is a single user APPS Panel which you can use to install 100s of applications. Installing Webuzo is very simple. This guide shows you how to install Webuzo on a newly installed Operating System. Requirements Newly installed CentOS 6.x / 7.x or Red Hat Enterprise...
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