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Tutorial Dokumentasi Script AGC MP3 Full Otomatis SEO Friendly + Admin Panel


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Nov 17, 2018
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With the MusicZone (ultimate edition) script you can run your own fully automated music downloading website within minutes. MusicZone (ultimate edition) script help your visitors to search and download there favorite videos and mp3 files.

Discovering new music has never been this fun, combining the power of the YouTube and iTunes api MusicZone (ultimate edition) offers your website visitors to search, listen, and download the latest videos, explore the Top Albums , top songs charts Trading videos and mp3 and much more to keep your visitors entertained. This easy to install PHP script has a clean responsive design making it easy for mobile, desktop or tablet customers to view and navigate your website. The homepage features your visitors : Resent searches ,Trading Audio from itune, Trending Music ,Resent Download top 10 Music , 10 trending videos based on youtube api data. You have the option to select which country and genre it shows on home page.

Search videos The search function with auto suggestion lets visitors search for videos using the YouTube api and provides a video preview and link to the download page where they can download the song into video and mp3 multiple formats. Top Charts With the advanced songs charts and album chart can get the charts of the country and genre , over 129 countries and 40 genres are available to choose from and is always up to date using iTunes data.

Make Money With multiple sizes of advertisement spots in place on all pages you have the option to promote any affiliate program or banner ad company that you like to use.

SEO Optimized All pages are SEO optimized with OpenGraph meta tags and have a search engine friendly url structure, perfect for search engines like Google to crawl and index your website. You also have the option to add text to create your own unique page titles for improving search engine results. our sitemap is now fully advanced with timestap function.

Create Your Own Themes The MusicZone (ultimate edition) script comes with admin panel, there you can create your own theme.

Admin Panel Easy admin panel included to edit your site settings.

  • Instant video and mp3 search engine
  • Admin Panel to Edit Site Setting
  • Create category using admin panel
  • Top Albums by country
  • Top songs charts by country and genre
  • Top singers list
  • Bad Words Filter
  • Block Url for DMCA Content
  • Multiple (Random) Api keys Function
  • Automatic Search suggestion
  • Search filter
  • Auto Save recent searches
  • Smart Relatd Searches
  • SEO optimized
  • Advance XML sitemap with Timestamp function
  • Video preview in search/download page
  • Download MP3 into multiple formats (64,128,12,256,320kbps)
  • Download Videos into multiple formats (144p,240p,360p,720p)
  • Support videos with cipher signature too
  • Create Own theme
  • Download via URL - Support multiple types of YouTube URL.
  • Contactform with anti-spam protection
  • DMCA Form
  • Responsive design (Mobile Friendly )
  • No database required
  • No FFMPG required
  • Glyphicons icons
  • Google Analytics ready
  • Advertisements ready
  • OpenGraph meta tags
  • HTTPS SSL supported
  • Fully Automated
  • Easy to customize - Fully decoded php codeing
  • Full documentation
  • Easy translation by yourself
  • Easy to install
  • PHP 5.x
  • allow_url_fopen enabled (Standard on most shared hostings)
  • file_get_contents enabled (Standard on most shared hostings)
  • YouTube API Key
  • Get an free YouTube API Key: Login to Google Developers and create a new project and select API services for YouTube Data API v3 to get your key (https://developers.google.com/youtube/registering_an_application) Select your key for server applications and your server IP or any IP allowed.

The installation is very easy. Let's guide you through the steps.

Step 1) Upload the contents of the Files folder to your webserver. Open up your cPanel filemanager or FTP program and connect to your server, in this example I will use FileZilla ftp. Upload the contents of the Files folder to your public_html folder:


Important: Make sure you have also uploaded the .htaccess file, select 'show hidden files' in your filemanager options if you cannot see it.

Step 2) SmartOptimizer needs write access to smartoptimzer/cache folder. Make sure it's writable. change permission of folder smartoptimzer/cache to chmod 777

Step 3) Login to the admin panel and update the site settings. Login to the admin panel on http://mysite.com/admin/ with username: admin password: admin

and fill in your site url, YouTube api key and other details and click Update. Important: Make sure fill in your Website URL with http:// and no www and do not end with a '/' Correct example: http://mysite.com or when installed in a subfolder: http://mysite.com/subfolder The admin panel has 8 sections, 5 sections explained here:

Login Settings Here you can change the default username and password. Main Site Settings Here you can fill in your main settings like Website URL, Website title, youtube api key,your email address for the contact form. Here you can also select which country and genre you want for the charts on the homepage and for other content. SEO Settings Here you can edit your homepage title, description, meta keywords and other page titles. Website Templete Settings Template Width , Website text font ,Theme Color Generator Main Color , Content Background Color div , Button Color, Translation Options Here you have the options to translate general text that is being used on the site. When you are done, click the Save setting button to save your settings and enjoy your site!


  • The MusicZone (ultimate edition) script will always get the latest songs charts from the iTunes Api so there is no manual updating or maintenance required.

  • It is recommended to install the script on a main domain or a sub domain in order to get the best results but you can also install the script in a subfolder.

  • You can block certain bad words from showing up in the 'recent searches' on the homepage, you can add bad words in the Admin panel Blocking Section.

  • All my site links lead to a 404 Not Found page
Make sure you have uploaded the .htaccess file that is inside the 'Files' folder, select 'show hidden files' in your cPanel filemanager if you cannot see it.

  • I can not save my admin settings
Check if the admin/config.php file is writable and change its file permission to 777.

  • The recent searches are not being saved
Check if the includes/searchterms.txt file is writable and change its file permission to 777.

  • Do i need to manually update to get new songs charts?
No, it gets the data from the itunes api so its always up date and you do not have to do anything.

  • Can i use the script on my HTTPS SSL domain?
Yes, make sure you include 'https' in your site url in the admin panel.

  • Is there a XML sitemap available?
Yes, you can find your sitemap on this url: http://mysite.com/sitemap.xml

  • How can i block certain URLs?
You can block a certain URL in admin panel section Blocking;
Just you need to Place Youtube Video ID if you want to block Download page , If you want to block Search page Just Copy The Search Query And paste in Same Section and Hit the Update Seeting Button ! Done

  • The iTunes charts are not showing
Ask you hosting if the 'allow_url_fopen' and the 'file_get_contents' server functions are enabled, that is needed for connecting with the iTunes api.

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this documentation file, please feel free to email via the support contact form.
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