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Backlinks Five Popular Programming Languages


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Jul 9, 2022
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New York, NY, USA
My career is in the IT industry, so I frequently work with programmers to complete online projects. This is why I decided to learn programming languages. But the truth is, I might want to change my career or take on more responsibility to expand my horizons. My son is interested in programming languages and wants to be a programmer.

What is coding for children? To start, I did some preliminary research. It took me only 20 minutes to find a great article. Python is one of the best programming languages. It is the reason that so many projects have been created online, as I discovered. Even a complete beginner can learn basic syntax and variables within a few weeks.

So what is coding for kids? Let’ start with Java. My son and I both liked this language. The programming language is very versatile. The JVM is able to run programs even on a refrigerator and an engineering calculator. It is more challenging to learn the basics than Python. We decided to add JavaScript, C++ and PHP to our list. The final decision will likely take us a few months. I am glad that I came across a great article about the most common languages and their peculiarities.
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