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Patek Philippe Nautilus Annual Calendar steel 5726/1A-014


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Nov 21, 2022
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Background of the Patek Philippe Nautilus. Part 1, 3700 " Big Mac"

Is actually fair to say that the replica Patek Philippe Nautilus is the *most sought after steel sports see I've ever seen in living. Since its introduction in 1976, it has reigned supreme exceeding 40 years, and it shows simply no sign of giving up whenever soon.

Given its name Captain Nemo's ship throughout Jules Verne's famous 1870 novel Twenty Thousand Unions Under the Sea, the Nautilus began life in year 1974 when the world's most well-known watch designer, Jay Gerald Genta is sitting in the actual dining room as it is sketched over a napkin as he loves his lunch while eavesdropping on a group of Patek Philippe executives talking about Basel designer watches at a table near the dog exhibition. The Royal Oak was launched as the first metallic " luxury sports watch", and Patek Philippe, because the absolute competitor of AP, needed to respond. Genta transmitted his sketches to the exec, and his reputation was before him, and the wheels have been set in motion.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak : 1972 and Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700 - 1976

Both the Noble Oak and Nautilus have a very definite nautical theme. Even though the RO was designed with the particular octagonal shape of a diver's helmet in mind, the Nautilus is completely angular and using the portholes on a transatlantic sail liner. The majestic model of the streamlined integrated necklace symbolizes the emerging time of wealth and leisure time. In that era, sports wristwatches no longer needed to serve a certain " tool" purpose, for instance a Submariner. New Wave was created to adorn the wrists of the people who can afford it in addition to survive whatever activity the patient chooses. Essentially, they are life-style watches for those who eschew great precious metal watches from meilleur horlogerie manufacturers. They have vibrant appeal. best replica watches uk

Patek Philippe fully supported Gentas' napkin drawings as well as needed to create a model to handle the quartz crisis and also Royal Oak's prosperity, Patek Philippe would put care to the wind and put typically the Nautilus into production. It is a huge leap for two causes.

1) Patek Philippe is an absolute typical. Making a mixture of pure costume watches and " complications" like moon phases along with the occasional chronograph, they don't do waterproof sports watches, and also the only time they use metal over precious metals is when coming up with prototypes or special requests for priority customers. Iron watches from their era can be extremely rare that they fetch desired numbers at auction.

2) 42mm has been considered gigantic at the time, similar to a 50mm fake watches for saletoday. Royal Oak in comparison is 38mm, and the market that tends to stay across the 34-36mm mark is only only recovering from the steam. Nautilus was so big that will its first iteration, often the 3700/1A, was nicknamed " Jumbo".

Patek Philippe competes directly together with Audemars Piguet, declaring that " one of the most expensive timepieces in the world" and putting an emphasis on their use of steel for that movement. They're also working away at an " at-home subsea and boardroom marketing approach" in order to position the Nautilus as the " single observe solution" for the modern customer.

Interestingly but not surprisingly, Nautilus has shocked the actual brand's loyal and perhaps conservative customers. They didn't want to understand that the maker of these favorite dainty dress wrist watches and elegant complications had just simply released a steel giant with what appeared to be ears increasing out of the side of it is TV-screen case. It was the particular antithesis of the brand, but also a wristwatch that, like the AP as well as the Royal Oak, would come to be and remain Patek Philippe's most coveted models.

Reference 3700/1A “Jumbo” Construction and Specifications

The patented circumstance consists of a solid monolithic element (case/case back) into that this movement is inserted from the dial side. On top will be the second module, consisting of any sleek octagonal bezel, ravenscroft and hinged " ears" (continuing the porthole theme) to close the case. These types of creates are affectionately known as leading loaders because they are assembled in the rear up. It's scored water-resistant to 120 feets. Jacob and Co. Astronomia Art Watches

The dial in the 3700 made by Stern Frères is anthracite gray which has a subtle blue tinge, showing almost black in some lighting and silvery in other folks. The face of the Nautilus, having its signature grooves arranged flat and adorned with basic tritium-filled hands and baton markers, is an exercise with minimalism. The only complication at this time is dating. If you examine the image above (the established Patek Philippe photo) with all the image at the beginning of this article, it is possible to clearly see the color of typically the optically variable dial.

As was routine in the 70s, Patek Philippe outsourced its movements to be able to Jaeger-LeCoultre and equipped often the 3700 with an ultra-thin Competence 920 at just 3. 05mm thick, still one of the slimest automatic movements in the world along with a full-size rotor. The connectors are made by Gay Fréres, a master at producing intricate bracelets. The packaging comes to an end with a presentation box manufactured from compacted cork and iron. Totally fantastic item from 70's, even with its items lost, now fetching hundreds at auction. cheap replica watches
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